Why Participate in 6th Dhaka Auto Parts

Show 2023?

Bangladesh is one of the strong South-Asian Nations with its growing economy and the `Dhaka Auto Parts Show’ has also been a platform all these years for the launching of the latest Models of auto parts and relevant technologies

The previous editions have seen great successes and an enormous rise in sales with CEMS-Global changing its strategy in highlighting and emphasizing auto parts distributors showcasing the latest components and technologies

Dhaka Auto Parts Show will be a glittering showcase of the World auto-component industry along with car parts and accessories

Dhaka Auto Parts Show will provide manufacturers and distributors direct access to the South East Asian Market. The global motor vehicle aftermarket is estimated at approximately $395 billion

Bangladesh automobile market had been growing at an annual average of 15-20% rate while the auto parts market was growing at 12%. Both the growth rates are way above the respective global averages